Unity 3d Download

Unity 3d Download

We re going to create a class to handle the loading of an asset for us.

Getting Started The easiest way to get started with zdk for unity is by running the provided sample scenes.

The zdk supports both Unity native and WebPlayer builds for motion-controlled apps.

AsynchCallback The AsynchCallback Gets called from the method when it s ready.

We provide the request with a range of bytes to download.

Abandon the built in class for internet downloads, instead use to download the asset bundle to disk.

Then there is the issue of coming up with a simple interface of doing a complex task.

In order to go full asynch the class contains a method.

Like all the zdk offerings, the zdk for Unity3D works with both Mac and PC, with Openninite and the Microsoft Kinect sdk, and with all consumer-level 3D sensors.

The Constructor is responsible for getting the last modified times for the remote and local file, it also gets the size in bytes of the remote file.

While the claims that given a single argument (the size of the local file) it should download the entire file from that starting point.

Ideally you should be able to create a remote file, retrieve information from it and trigger a download if needed.

Download The Download coroutine will download the desired file using an.

Because this is such a small amount of data we retrieve it with a blocking function.

From there we can get the and let the Download function finish executing.

Unity 3d Download

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